4. Whistleblower/False Claims Act Cases Cannot Be Filed Pro Se

You must have a lawyer to file a Whistleblower False Claims Act case. It cannot be done pro se.

Foolish as it may be, you usually have a right to file lawsuits on your own behalf. You can file a contract case against your neighbor or file your own divorce. But this won’t work with a False Claims Act case. This is because you are not representing yourself. Rather you are filing the case on behalf of the United States or, perhaps, on behalf of a state. Remember, your case will be styled, United States ex rel. [Your Name] v. Defendant. The statute gives you the right to bring the case in your name on behalf of the United States, but you don’t “own” the case. It belongs to the United States government, and, if you are not a lawyer, you will be practicing law without a license, which is strictly against the law.