Rabbit Rule #3: Be Realistic

A good settlement is a realistic settlement. You must be realistic about what you can expect to get, not what you want. Sometimes, happily, the two coincide. More often, they do not. You may want the moon. That does not mean that you can get it either in court or by settlement.

The rabbit was in the same position. What he really wanted was bear and fox soup. Fortunately, he had sense enough not to make this the central theme of his negotiation.
This is not to say that you are to ask only for what you think you can get or even for what you want. Often, it is desirable to ask for the moon. As is said among lawyers: If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. Sometimes the other side needs you to make some outrageous demand so that they will be able to achieve a victory by talking you out of it.

But, at all times, you should have a realistic understanding of what is acceptable as a settlement.

Robin M. Green, Divorce: When It’s the Only Answer (The Ordinary Mortals Guide, Inc., 2005), Chapter 13, pp. 194-195.