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Many of our cases are disputes about who owns or controls a business. The term "business" typically connotes an image of regularity, as in "business as usual," "routine practices," or"tending shop." But when events occur that threaten to cripple or destroy a business, "regularity" goes down the drain. Often the dollar amount involved in these disputes is large relative to the size of the business. And the outcome of the dispute will determine who controls the business. To add insult to injury, frequently, the catastrophic threat to the business is accompanied by an outrageous betrayal by a close and trusted business partner, co-owner, friend, family, or advisor. All of this means that these cases are usually high stakes, complex, and gut-wrenching. Some typical examples are: Corporate or Business Breakups; Contract Disputes; Shareholder or Partnership Disputes; Disputes with Other Companies; Government Compliance; Accounting Malpractice; Asset Misappropriation; Business Interruption; or Sales, Mergers or Acquisitions.

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The courtroom is the bottomline reality of our legal system. In dealing with legal disputes, one can cuss and discuss, theorize and philosophize, examine and explain until the cows come home. But, if your opponent won't agree to end the dispute and capitulation is not an option, your only choice is to try your case to a judge or jury. This fact makes all legal advice given without the courtroom in mind hollow and deceptive. This is doubly true in lawsuits and litigation. If you negotiate without protecting your ability to fight your case in court, you are disarming before the battle and thereby emboldening and strengthening your opponent.

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We have experience in both prosecuting and defending False Claim Act cases. But our sympathies and natural inclinations rest and reside with whistleblowers. We see whistleblowers as authentic heroes, and the corruption they fight, a threat to democracy. Recently, we represented a qui tam whistleblower who uncovered a fraudulent Medicaid and Medicare billing scheme which included overbilling and upcoding, illegal sale of foreign drugs, and contamination of medication that put patient lives at risk. After an eight-year battle, this case finally settled for $2.9 million, providing the whistleblower with a substantial reward. This is an example of the difficult and time-consuming process often required to successfully prosecute a whistleblower case. We will review your potential qui tam claim free of charge to determine whether you have a case that is likely to succeed.

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We regularly litigate in bankruptcy courts. Because a large portion of our practice involves chasing fraudsters, we follow them and their business entities into bankruptcy court, either initiating or continuing litigation in that forum. We are also associated by bankruptcy lawyers and trustees to assist them with litigating complex matters in that forum. Mr. Green has served as a Chapter 7 Trustee. He also has represented debtors, creditors and creditors' committees in Chapter 11 reorganizations. For a number of years, he represented the FDIC in bankruptcy courts throughout Texas.

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In addition to handling qui tam/False Claims Act cases, we have both prosecuted and defended medical malpractice and nursing home neglect cases. We have routinely represented doctors and other healthcare professionals in disputes related to their business and professional organizations. Recently, we have successfully settled a qui tam/whistleblower case involving fraudulent billing of Medicaid and Medicare, upcoding, and illegal sale of foreign drugs.

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Ambrose Bierce once said, “Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.” Of course, our first preference is to defy the truth of this statement. We do so by assisting clients with estate planning and will drafting. But, when that is not an option, we fully engage in will contests, as well as complex estate matters that include embedded lawsuits and financial issues.

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