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HowWe Do It

While every client is different, here is the 5-step process that we walk through with each client:

1. Diagnose

Our process starts with working with our clients to make sense of the complex, vast, and often contradictory facts that underlie any legal problem. We are trained to recognize and diagnose legal issues. Even if in the end we may not take your case, we will do our best to guide you towards the next steps that we think you could take.

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2. Advise

Our evaluation of the client’s legal issues is always followed up with detailed, meticulous, and personalized legal advice. Sometimes, that may be the end of our engagement, but when legal advice on its own is not sufficient to resolve the issue, we are ready to step in on our client’s behalf and negotiate with the opposing party.

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3. Negotiate

When possible, we intervene on our client’s behalf in trying to find a mutually acceptable solution to all parties, using all available means, including law and common sense, to minimize cost, conflict, risk, and uncertainty.

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4. Litigate

The backbone of our process is our readiness to fight to protect and restore our client’s rights when necessary. The possibility of litigation guides all our efforts, and our willingness and commitment to fight on behalf of our client constitutes our greatest strength.

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5. Empower

Our representation of our clients must end at some point, and with a great many of others, due to limitations of time and availability, a formal engagement never starts. However, the ultimate goal of our process is to arm our clients and our community with the necessary information and understanding to guide and empower them in their future.

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Who we are

WhoWe are

We are professional, experienced, and here for you. At the Law Offices of Robin M. Green, we offer personalized legal solutions tailored to suit our clients’ unique circumstances.

While our specialty lies in business litigation, we are also equipped to offer our clients other effective means of resolving legal disputes.

Who we are

WhyCivil Trial Law

The Courtroom is the central feature of our legal system. Leveraging Civil Trial Law is an extremely effective way of getting things done.

“Almost all of your bargaining power is built around the fact that you don’t have to settle. If you go to the negotiation party without a lawyer, you are defeating yourself. Perhaps the only words more American than “Remember the Alamo” are “I am going to get a lawyer and sue you.”

In our society these words carry power. If you really want to get a job done in negotiations, you won’t settle for cheap talk about what you are going to do if your [opponent] doesn’t agree. Just hire the lawyer. Don’t say a word about what you are going to do. They’ll get the picture. It’s the difference between shouting “wolf” and taking the wolf and setting it outside the door. It will save you money in the long run, and it may save your case.”

Robin Green

Divorce: When It’s The Only Answer (The Ordinary Mortals Guide, Inc., 2005), p.190.

There are 3 key things to remember before hiring a lawyer:
  • 1. Experience Matters

    Legal advice given by a lawyer who is unfamiliar with courtroom reality is likely to be a very different one from that provided by a lawyer who has actually tried cases similar to the case being discussed.

  • 2. Go for the Good Negotiator

    Likewise, a lawyer negotiating without the ability to litigate the case being negotiated severely disadvantages his or her client.

  • 3. Negotiations May End in Trial

    Always start with the end in mind, and never forget that, at any moment, a trial may become reality.

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