Attorney Robin M. Green passed away on December 9, 2021, and Law Offices of Robin M. Green is set to close on March 31, 2022. This firm is no longer accepting new clients.

Law Offices of Robin M. Green was a Texas law firm with 50 years of experience that served a wide variety of civil litigation needs of individuals & business entities throughout Texas.

We believe that a comprehensive understanding of trials and litigation is central to all legal advice. Not being prepared for trial is a sure way to be forced into a bad settlement. Indeed, in our justice system, the formula for a bad result is to forget that the Courtroom is always the bottom line.

“Meeting Robin Green forty-six years ago was a true, positive life changing event. His sage advice, ability to look at life from a different perspective and humor has enhanced my life. There are few people outside of family who make a real impact on one's life. Robin Green was one of those people. Many times over the years in different situations I have thought how would Robin react to this."

Wayne Woodward Plaintiff in a freedom of speech wrongful termination case

“I am writing today to tell you about Robin Green, a very special person and attorney. The prison business (PNA) required that I have an attorney that I trusted to guide me. Over the last three decades, I can say that Robin Green literally changed my life. His calm and clear guidance helped me work through problems that seemed unsolvable. Robin Green practices law and lives his life, based on character and integrity. He is never too tired or too busy to help. A few years ago my daughter was charged with manslaughter in a traffic accident. She ultimately received probation, completed her college degree, and has had no further legal problems. Robin Green worked and helped me through this life crisis! He was the rock that supported me and my family during those difficult times. I want to state from the bottom of my heart; Robin Green is one of the best people I have ever met."

Vernon C. Farthing Jr., M.D.

“National Travel Systems was seriously threatened in a civil action initiated by a well funded former employee, I turned to Robin Green. The case went to a week-long trial and while waiting for the verdict against my company, I never doubted Robin’s strategy with the jury. Robin argued a fundamental truth--“Thou shall not steal!” (Oh, by the way, we won!)"

Richard A. Cooper, President National Travel Systems

“I wish things were not so crazy, I’d come by and give you both a big hug! You were one of very few people willing to go to bat for me out here and I thank you both very much from the bottom of my heart! . . . it’s a big win for my family and my kid’s future! Thank you kindly."

Christy Sears Food safety whistleblower

What You Should Demand from a Lawyer

At our house we sum it up in the Four A’s.


For us, availability is an active verb. We “show up to play.”

Legal services are time consuming and expensive. That’s why we can accept only a small portion of the cases that come our way. Once we accept your case, we are committed to you and your case. We take the time to listen to you and to provide you the comfort of confidentiality. Our job is to be on your side.


No magic pill or a silver bullet. Just, clear thinking.

We don’t know of a magic pill or a silver bullet to solve your legal problems. Instead, we use the next best thing: clear thinking.

Legal rights and protections come only in narrowly defined packages called “causes of action.” The law provides protection or relief only if you are able to fit your claim or defense into one of these packages. That’s where we come in.

Our job is to make sense of complex facts and, when possible, convert them into legal remedies. But, analysis doesn’t end there; it’s an ongoing process that uses common sense to apply law to the real world.


Your empowerment is our bedrock obligation.

The very nature of our mission is to increase rather than decrease your agency (power over your own life).

In our legal system, the client is the “captain of the ship.” Our job is to help you make the very best decisions about your case, and, for that matter, about your life. To do so, we blend analysis of the law with the facts of your case and broader cultural and business customs, norms, and values in the society.

In giving advice, we place your interest above our own, but not above the law. We must be frank, direct, honest in everything we say or recommend to you. As a result, we sometimes give advice that is not pleasant. And, because of the nature of the process, we must sometimes make procedural or tactical decisions without first consulting with you. But, because you are the final decision-maker on all major actions, such as whether to file a lawsuit, accept a settlement, or proceed to trial, we provide our knowledge, experience, and judgment to help you make informed decisions.


Advocacy is an attitude. There is no substitute.

Advocacy is about attitude. The firefighter who dashes into the burning house has it. The kid on the playground who steps in front of a bully twice his size understands it. A teacher who won’t give up on a troubled child exemplifies it. All the brilliance in the world will not substitute for it.

The fundamental assumption of our adversary system is that your lawyer will be the champion of you and your case. People tend to assume that a fair and impartial judge will protect them. But, by law, a judge cannot file or defend your lawsuit. Nor can a judge call a witness for you, or for that matter, even object to illegal evidence being used against you unless a lawyer objects to it.

When we take your case, our job becomes to protect your rights by the use of all possible means legally available.

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    Provide personalized legal advice to our clients.

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    When Possible

    Use the law & common sense to minimize cost, conflict, risk, and uncertainty.

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    When Necessary

    Fight to protect & restore our clients’ rights, dignity, & property.

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    Arm our clients with information & understanding.